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Bid online!
Bid Online!
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As the technology evolves and bidding real-time at the auction and via online service providers, Glassman Auctioneers are keeping pace and offer live online auctions when objects are of interest to our local customers as well as our new customers bidding throughout the USA, Canada ... and beyond!

No longer are we limited to selling items onsite. We partner with the appropriate Internet online service provider to bring in the best offers for our clients no matter their geographical location.

Our website attracts thousands of unique visits from all over the USA and Canada and increasingly auction buyers from countries that include France, Russia and the Netherlands.

Of course, not all auctions warrent the extra cost associated with live auctions combined with online bidding. Call today to discover if you would benefit from a live, on-site auction, including Internet bidding, or if your sale is best handeled by one of our other auction and liquidation services.

For smaller lots we also help clients determine the best method to convert their items into cash.

For more information, contact Glassman Auctions at 1-269-461-6271.

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